Student Spotlight: Maeve Kidd

Leo is an excellent example of hard work paying off! When Leo started kindergarten this year, he knew about half of the letter names and none of their sounds. Leo began to work hard, not only at school, but at home too. His mom was determined to help Leo succeed in school. So every day after he got home from the afterschool program, she would sit down with him and have him do his reading homework again. In no time at all he had learned his letter sounds and was beginning to read. Leo and his mom would come to me before school and borrow Dr. Seuss books so he could practice reading at home. Every day Leo and his mom would read together and practice sounding out words. Before long, Leo was needing harder books. Now Leo is in my highest reading group and I am constantly trying to find new ways to challenge him. He amazes me every day with how far he has come. It is important to work hard at school, but it is just as important to work hard at home too. Leo and his mom have definitely put in the work this year, and it has definitely paid off! I am so proud of Leo and am so thankful to his mom for always pushing him to do better and taking the time to help him succeed!