Pesticide Use


Notice to all students, parents/guardians and employees of the Shiloh Elemenary School District:

Assembly Bill 2260 went into effect on January 1, 2001.  This legislation enacted Education Code sections 17608 et seq. which require, among other things, that school districts notify parents and staff about the use of pesticides at school.  The purpose of this legislation is to reduce exposure to toxic pesticides through information and application of an integrated pest management system at schools.  Towards this end, and pursuant to the requirements of this legislation, please be advised of the following:

The Shiloh Elementary School District expects to use the following pesticides at its campuses during the upcoming year:

Pesticide Name   E.P.A.Reg. Number   Active Ingredient(s)
Advion Roach Gel Bait   100-1484   Indoxacarb
Advion Ant Gel   352-746   Indoxacarb
Advion Insect Granule   100-1483   Indoxacarb
Advance Ant Granules   499-370   Abamectin
Answer Gopher Bait   56-57   Diphacinone
Avitrol   11649-7   Aminopyridine
Airilon   352-776   Indoxacarb
CB 80   279-3393   Pyrethrins
Cy-Kick C&C   499-470   Cyfluthrin
Crosscheck Plus   279-3206-10404   Bifenthrin
Deadline   5481-511   Metaldehyde
Delta Dust   432-772   Deltamethrine
Distrac Rodent bait   12455-80-AA   Diphacinone
Essentria   Exempt   Rosemary, Peppermint oil
D-Foam   9444-227   Deltamethrin
Gentrol IGR   2724-351   Hydropene
Glystar Plus   42750-MO-001   Glyphosate
Intice Gelanimo Ant Bait   73079-8   Boric Acid
Lesco Wasp   9444-220-10404   Pyrethrin/Tetramethrin
Precor 2000   2724-490   Methoprene/Permethrin
PCQ Squirrel Bait   12455-50003AA   Diphacinone
Riptide   1021-1785   Pyrethrins
Suspend SC   432-763   Deltamethrin
Tengard SFR   70506-6   Permethrin
Termidor   7969-210   Fipronil
ULD BP 300   499-450   Pyrethrins
Weed Whacker   48498-CA-1   Dimethylamine