Our Mission

Shiloh School will maintain clear academic and behavioral expectations with a highly valued, consistent focus on assessment, intervention, and parent involvement to ensure all students acquire proficiency in grade level standards and become respectful, responsible, motivated citizens.

Our Beliefs & Vision

We believe that...

  • Every child is unique.

  • Education and knowledge empower individuals and society.

  • Obstacles in life are an opportunity for growth.

  • The family environment has a profound impact on children.

  • A positive attitude helps foster success.

We believe in...

Respecting yourself and others.

Providing and supporting a safe, comfortable environment.

A supportive environment to enhance individual potential and opportunity.

About Shiloh Elementary School District

Shiloh is located on Paradise Road eight miles west of the city of Modesto and is the only school in its district. Established in 1880, the district encompasses approximately 25 square miles. Our school maintains a rural school atmosphere in an agricultural-type setting while still in close proximity to the urbanized area to the east. Shiloh School has six classrooms; approximately 140 students attend daily. Shiloh is one of three rural elementary school districts which feed into Modesto High School where eighth grade graduates attend.

The Shiloh School District is one of the oldest in Stanislaus County. Pride here is a product of the several generations of families who have attended Shiloh through the years. At Shiloh, children can maintain their own identity in our "small school" concept. We continue our task of maintaining all-around educational excellence.
GEOGRAPHICAL BOUNDARIES State law mandates that students shall attend the elementary school in the residence area of their parent/guardian (unless an interdistrict agreement has been approved). The boundaries of the Shiloh School District attendance area are somewhat irregular but generally follow Maze Boulevard (Highway 132) to the north, Iowa Avenue to the east, Tuolumne River to the south, and San Joaquin River to the west. A map outlining this attendance area is posted for reference in the school main office.