7th graders were challenged to build the tallest tower using only pencils in their first STEM activity of the year. The tallest tower was 18 cm.
3 months ago, Austin Wilhite
Two students have stood 4 pencils vertically. The pencils themselves are not connected or touching the other.
Two students hold 3 pencils upright and several pencils are laying flat on the desk
Three students stack pencils. The stack is leaning slightly to the right and may fall soon.
Three students arrange pencils similar to Lincoln Logs
Welcome Back to school everyone! We look forward to seeing you tomorrow, and in an effort to keep everyone updated with current news and information, we have launched a new website at www.shiloh.k12.ca.us. Even better, we now have the ability to provide real time information through a live feed which you can get on our new app! That's right, go to the Google Play Store for Android mobile devices or the App Store for Apple iphones and search for Shiloh Elementary SD, download the app and have school information and updates at your fingertips. We hope you enjoy having easy access to everything Shiloh!
4 months ago, Seth Ehrler
Before the 2021-2022 school year begins, I just want to give a shout out to Craig Harris and Todd Lemos with Harris Construction, the contractor for our new campus project, Tim Huff and John Hedlund with TPH Architects, and John Hill with United Inspections. This project has had it's fair share of roadblocks during this last year, but they have stayed the course and soon the work will be complete. The anticipated date is October 1st so for just a few more weeks I ask for everyone's patience as we continue to work around some potential issues here or there. I have no doubt when our campus is complete, everyone will think that everything we went through was well worth it!
4 months ago, Seth Ehrler
Foothill Horizons Outdoor Education School in Sonora Our 6th grade students had a blast at Foothill Horizons Outdoor Education School in Sonora learning about their state, their environment, and themselves.
9 months ago, Shiloh School District
9 months ago, Shiloh School District